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Antifoam for Polyvinyl Alcohol Glue



Polyvinyl Alcohol Glue(PVA synthetic glue): It is also called white glue, a kind of chemical synthetic glue, which is an important glue type of the current stamp adhesive. It’s made from the reaction of polyethylene and aldehyde compounds. The colloid is pale and thin, with strong adhesion and strong moisture resistance, and it is widely used in various countries. This PVA glue has been used in all stamps printed by the Beijing Stamp Factory since 1965.

Foaming reasons:

1. The air humidity and temperature of the operating environment do not meet the requirements of glue production;

2. Air is brought into the mixing or pouring process, causing blisters;

3. Irregular mixing operation causes foaming.

The hazards:

1. Affect the degree of harmonization of products;

2. Too much foam when using adhesives at the end, affecting adhesive strength;

3. Affects products’ appearance, result in reducing the customer's trust;

4. Slow down the production process, affecting the production efficiency.

The characterizes of antifoam for polyvinyl alcohol glue:

1. Strong defoaming and antifoaming power, low dosage, does not affect the basic properties of the foaming system;

2. Good dispersibility and good compatibility with the original solution;

3. Does not change the original performance and the original color of the product;

4. Strong ability to dissipate fine bubbles, fast to break bubbles, and long time to inhibit bubbles.

Rickman Defoamer has rich experience in glue industry. There are many typical cases in our company. Welcome to consult us at anytime.

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