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Antifoam for Strip the Circuit Board



Circuit board de-film refers to the production of circuit board etching process in the plate pattern is covered by dry film or wet film. However, foam is easily produced when the film is removed, which affects the quality of the circuit board. Defoamer for circuit board defilm has great performance for eliminating foam and protecting the circuit board.

The causes of foaming during circuit board stripping:

1. The film is not cleaned up, leaving a thin layer of tin on the board. After high temperature melting, the ink will be lifted up to form a bubble;

2. Printing ink without drying the water in the hole. After spraying tin, the edge of the hole forms a circular bubble;

3. The circuit board is polluted by oxidation, oil, etc. during production;

4. There will also be foaming when the circuit board curing time is too short.

The hazard of foaming:

1. Leading to poor PCB development boards, affecting the production process, making inspection difficult;

2. The produced circuit boards are of low quality and become obsolete, resulting in increased costs;

3. Foam will affect the normal development process;

4. Too much foam will make cleaning difficult and the tank will overflow with foam.

Antifoam for strip the circuit board has excellent antifoaming property, high stability and water dispersing property. For more information, welcome to contact us.


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