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Arjowiggins, a French paper company, has launched a new translucent insulating paper that can replace plastic packaging---Paper Habbit Are Chaging


Arjowiggins, a French paper company, has launched a groundbreaking and sustainable new Sylvicta isolating paper, an alternative to plastic packaging. Sylvicta barrier paper is a translucent functional barrier paper that has been proven to maintain the quality of food and cosmetics just like conventional plastics, but with minimal environmental impact.This innovative paper is fully recyclable, compostable, degradable in the ocean and made from renewable raw materials. The unique advantage of Sylvicta separation paper is its very high barrier to oxygen, which is one of the main causes of food spoilage, which means it can extend shelf life at the transport, retail and consumption stages of the value chain, thereby reducing food waste.

By refining the fibers, Arjowiggins' team has developed a unique translucent paper, Sylvicta, which is naturally adhesive and does not use any harmful chemicals.Therefore, the paper can block oxygen, aroma, mineral oil and fatty foods, etc.

This paper can be used in the current mainstream processing line, with many creative elements, can be hot stamping, adhesive, embossing, offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing, metallization or coating hot sealing or cold sealing, etc., strong applicability.

Arjowiggins is also working with packagers to create more applications for Sylvicta's translucent spacer, such as dried fruit bags, salad bags, solid soap bags, pet food bags, chocolate bags, and even the metal paper packaging used as butter or margarine.

YLVICTA isolation paper can meet the market demand for a sustainable replacement of disposable packaging and flexible laminates, which can reduce or even eliminate the frequency of plastic use in packaging.It can also be recycled and centralized processing, so as to help the global packaging industry to achieve sustainable development, is an ideal plan for the development of circular economy.


Christophe Jordan, managing director of Arjowiggins' translucent paper division, explains: "Despite the ongoing move towards more sustainable packaging. Plastic is still a popular choice and has a place in the market for practical reasons.So far, most existing products (mainly single-use packaging) have used non-recyclable multilayer plastic or aluminum foil laminate."With Sylvicta, packaging in a fully recyclable, compostable, biodegradable paper package is revolutionary."

Sylvicta Insulation Paper benefits from the special environmental standards set by Arjowiggins' translucent paper business.The paper is FSC and PEFC certified, produced in ISO 14001 compliant plants and Carbon offset through the World Land Trust's Carbon Balanced program, and meets sustainability requirements


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