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By 2025, the Global Paper Chemicals Market will Exceed 42 Billion US Dollars


Relevant data show that, by 2025, the global papermaking chemicals market will exceed 42 billion US dollars. Papermaking chemicals are specifically for changing paper properties, including it’s color, strength, recycling performance, quantitative, quality, related attributes, etc.. In order to achieve specific functions, the paper undergoes many processes such as bleaching, beating, strengthening and sizing. In order to further improve the quantity and multiple functions of paper, industry insiders are constantly improving it’s performance. It is expected to further promote the expansion of the chemical industry in the next few years.

As the pursuit of paper smoothness and texture continues to increase, the demand for high-performance chemicals has increased significantly. Besides, the demand for packaging materials is growing, the scale of online shopping is expanding, people's dependence on paper is increasing. In addition, due to the consumption of paper products such as packaging bags, paper bags, paper cups, etc. is increasing, it also increases the demand for paper.

During 2019-2025, the compound annual growth rate of special chemicals is expected to exceed 2%. it’s due to our increasing emphasis on improving the aesthetics, strength and durability of paper, which is also closely related to the improvement of residents' living standards.

The European paper chemicals market is expected to grow significantly by 2025. The consumer goods and food & beverage industries continue to introduce lightweight and high-performance paper grades, which has stimulated the scale of the chemical industry. In addition, governments and regulators are pushing for the adoption of recyclable paper and limiting the use of plastics, spurring supplementary demand for paper.


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