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China has 700 million online shoppers! What cycle is hidden with corrugated accelerated!


At a press conference held by the Joint Prevention and Control mechanism of the State Council on April 25, 2020 about e-commerce to promote consumption and boost and upgrading of the economy. Bian Zuodong, deputy director of the Department of Market Supervision of the State Post Bureau, said that the daily express delivery volume in China has exceeded 200 million, basically returning to the normal level before

No matter the corrugated boxes used for transportation and packaging sales or the stickers used for product description and brand promotion account for a high proportion of e-commerce products. The vihorous e-commerce industry promotes the development of paper packaging industry

With the development of e-commerce and express delivery industry, Chinese paper packaging business revenue stands out among the three mainstream packaging forms (paper packaging, plastic packaging and metal packaging), and also shows a spurt of growth.

In 2019, paper packaging industry accounted for 28.9%, becoming the largest sub-industry of China's packaging industry. Its predicted that future market of domestic packaging industry will keep the 5% to 6% average annual growth. The contribution rate of output value of each sub-industry to the packaging industry is basically stable.The largest contribution rate is paper packaging industry, accounting for about 40%-45% of the total output value of the packaging industry.It is expected that China's paper packaging industry in the next 2-3 years will continue to maintain higher than the overall packaging industry growth rate of 8-10%.


According to the statistics of China packaging federation, 2018, our country corrugated carton production is 27.3346 million tons, accounting for 49.00% of the paper products production and with the cross-industry development of electric business platform, and high and new technology application in logistics industry, express the delivery time will be hoping to get a boost of the industry, it also make more and more people like online shopping or courier use in the furture, which accelerate the consumption of corrugated paper.

Corrugated carton packaging industry  is  a typical mid-stream industry, Corrugated carton base paper produced by  upstream paper making enterprises  is made as raw materials to provide finished corrugated carton products to downstream food, beverage, electronic appliances and other consumer companies as well as logistics and express delivery companies.Due to the raw paper cost of raw materials accounted for more than 70% of the variable cost of cartons, the price of raw paper is the main factor affecting the average profit margin of corrugated carton industry, and the main factor determining the price of raw paper, the price of waste paper is crucial.

Chinse current recovery rate of waste paper is far from enough, relying on the traditional method of waste paper recycling. Express packaging corrugated paper can not be fully recycled. Even if the complete recovery of corrugated boxes, but also mostly as waste paper, can not be recycled by express service enterprises. If an effective mode of Internet + express package recycling can be established and implemented, and corrugated manufacturers, express service enterprises and consumers can be connected in series through the Internet, it may be possible to realize the recycling of corrugated boxes for express package as soon as possible.Once the corrugated carton is recycled, Courier by scanning the qr code can update recovery times and time of the cloud background the cloud. Big data analysis can help manufacturers to predict high demand of corrugated carton size, and provide data support, accurate analysis of the trend of recycling  with countries.   when the corrugated carton high recovery rate reaches a certain level, you can also take further measures, in order to improve the efficiency of warehousing and logistics automation.

On April 26, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) deliberated the third draft of the revised Law on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by solid waste.E-commerce express delivery and other industries should give priority to the use of reusable and recyclable packaging, optimize the packaging, reduce the use of packaging, and actively recycle packaging.

With the rapid development of e-commerce express industry and packaging industry, corrugated packaging, Corrugated packaging, is also full of development opportunities. However, it is far from enough to see the opportunities. We must face the challenges .



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