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Coating in Paper Industry--Why do we have to use defoamer?


Pigment coating is to meet a certain need, such as printing, writing and packaging.They use white pigments, such as kaolin calcium carbonate barium sulfate and titanium dioxide as the theme, and add various adhesives and chemical additives mixed into the coatings. According to a certain amount, they are evenly covered on the paper or cardboard surface


Main purpose:

Improve the surface performance of base paper and printing suitability; Reduce the cost.


Foaming reason:

the existence of pigment, alkali and other foaming substances, after mechanical mixing, grinding and shaking coater, a large amount of air are mixed to produce bubbles.


Harm of foam: 

It affects the efficiency of coating and paper quality, if foaming is serious, it will lead  the finished paper to produce pinprick paper and other consequences.


Excellent defoaming agent has the following points:

Excellent defoaming performance; Does not change the viscosity and performance of the coating; Good compatibility with paint; Defoaming agent is generally retained in the finished product, a good defoaming agent will not have any side effects on the finished product, and can improve the gloss smoothness and the efficiency of the drawing.

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