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Comprehensive utilization of pulp and paper making's sludge


In the process of wastewater treatment of pulping and papermaking, residual sludge with high moisture content will be produced.In general, in the pulp and paper process, there are 2%~7% of the waste paper fiber into the wastewater. 1t of waste paper will produce about 80kg of dry sludge,  which convert into 2.5T of a precipitation concentration sludge (moisture content 97%), and after the mechanical dehydration , the sludge is about 0.5T.


About lots of surplus sludge, unscientific and unreasonable utilization will cause pollution to the ecological environment , therefore, the pulp and paper industry must be scientific and reasonable disposal of sludge, to maker waste into treasure, in order to create more economic and social benefits for enterprises and society.


1.New medium density fibreboard is produced from sludge

Sludge MEDIUM density fiberboard, can replace part of the products of box cardboard and corrugated board, which can be widely used in all kinds of chemical additives packaging box,  vertical board inside, clothing packaging box, handicrafts packaging box ceramic packaging box decoration board and outer packing.

The main technical characteristics of regenerated MDF are as follows:

Raw materials belong to waste recycling,5 0% of the sludge with about 50% of the cotton staple fiber.

It avoids the problem that the disposal of pulp and paper sludge is difficult to deal which affect the development. It continuously realizes the harmless resource transformation of pulp and paper sludge into products.

In order to improve the toughness and strength of the sludge fibreboard, cotton short wool and wet strength agent are added into the pulp and paper making sludge.


2. Using sludge for compost

Sludge contains a large number of nutrients conducive to microbial fermentation.Compost is to take advantage of this feature, through microbial fermentation. In general, under the living conditions of microorganisms in the humid environment, adding some leavening agents and conditioners similar to straw and sawdust household garbage in sludge can be used to transform organic matter,  so as to transform into humus.

It can be found that sludge has the characteristics of the soft under the condition of composting, and can also be found in the process of sludge in the cation exchange capacity increased, quality significantly reduce the volume, surface plants use of nutrients can be obviously increased, the sludge in the presence of pathogens and parasites do not exist already.

Hence, sludge compost can not only provide a certain amount of nutrients for surface plants, but also restrict the generation of harmful substances to a large extent, which is conducive to the protection of the natural environment.


3. Papermaking filler and coating pigment were produced by deinking sludge

The main components of deinking sludge are kaolin and calcium carbonate. In fact, they are inorganic pigments, which can be used as papermaking filler or coating pigment if they still have high purity after sludge recovery.

As far as the composition of deinking sludge contains kaolin and calcium carbonate of a certain concentration, and some fine fibers and coarse slag. The latter is organic matter that can be burned, which is less polluting and can be removed by burning. The remaining material is inorganic pigment. A British company extracts papermaking filler and coating pigment from deinking sludge by calcining at controlled temperature. The organic matter contained in deinking sludge can be completely burned at different temperatures, and there is no carbon particle, and the cement-shaped calcining substance is obtained as coating pigment.

According to the source of the deinking sludge’s analysis,  the extracted pigment whiteness is around 80%, which do not contain groundwood made by deinking sludge pigments.Old newspapers magazines ishigher whiteness. Therefore, deinking sludge recycling pigment can be used as coating and can achieve the result of paper packing for the use of packing.  The opacity of paper will be greatly improved, and ink penetrability also markedly is reduced. when the coating is used, the opacity of the paper will not increase significantly, and its glossiness for offset paper will  increase, for gravure paper will decline.


Do you get the core of comprehensive utilization of pulp and paper making's sludge

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