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Defoamer In Agriculture


With the development of modern science and technology, high quality and high efficiency are required for pesticide industry.That is, the formulation of pesticides should use a variety of additives, including additives to help the active drug wetting and dispersion;There are additives to improve the storage stability of pesticide products;There are also auxiliaries that achieve specific functions.

Most of these additives are surfactants, which can change the surface tension of pesticides, resulting in the existence of internal factors that are easy to foaming or foam stability of pesticides.

A variety of high speed mixers, such as sanding mills and ball mills, are used in pesticide manufacturing. A variety of methods used in the final application of pesticides, such as mixed sprays. In these processes, the free energy of the pesticide system will be increased to varying degrees, helping to produce foam, which is the external factor that produces foam. The foam problem of water-based pesticide in pesticide industry is the most prominent, which is caused by its special formulation and special production technology.

Pesticide foam analysis

1Water emulsion, water suspension is water as a continuous phase in the preparation of emulsion must use a certain amount of emulsifier, in order to produce a stable water dispersion.The use of emulsifier causes the surface tension of the emulsion system to decrease greatly, which is the main cause of foaming.

2The wetting agent and dispersant that disperse the active agent particles in the water suspension are also the substances that reduce the surface tension of the system and contribute to the generation and stability of the foam.

3Water-based dosage forms with low viscosity are not easy to preserve, poor physical stability, and the use of thickeners will make the foam stable suspension and not easy to eliminate.

4Mixing, dispersing, spraying, etc. in water when pesticide is used by end user.All of these can change the free energy of the system to varying degrees, prompting bubbles to emerge.

The foam problem of water-based dosage forms makes the production operation difficult. The air in the foam will not only hinder the dispersion of active agent or filler, but also affect the production due to the insufficient utilization of equipment.

Because of foam, it needs to be filled many times by standing.General market with three, four categories are more common, do a good job of collocation, ensure the integration of defoaming agent and the whole system, play defoaming and foam inhibition and long-term effect can be.


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