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Defoamer Test Comparison Experiment - Blue Glue Foaming System



During the production of glue, many auxiliaries are added, resulted in serious foaming problems. There is a customer  using defoamer in glue production, the glue system contains a variety of natural plant extracts, which has very strong foaming ability. Therefore, the customer wants to find a better antifoaming and cost-effective alternative.

Rickman simulated the process of our customer producing glue based on the materials and proportion provided by the customer. By comparing the defoamer cutstomer using now, we have selected the more cost-effective alternative. 

Here is the VIDEO Link, welcome to see this amazing experiment: https://www.facebook.com/rickmandefoamer/videos/3206781029360348

Please kindly find the following chart:


Comparative results: From the test process and charts, we can see that , in the same time ( 15 minutes ), the overall foam of Rickman’s product was steadily controlled within 200 mL; While the foam height of the competitor was rising over time. Therefore, the antifoaming ability of Rickman’s product is significantly better than the competitor.

We not only provide our customers with high quality and cost-effective products, but also provide you professional defoamering&antifoaming solutions. If you have any problems, welcome to contact us.

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