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Defoamer for Dry Powder Mortar


Defoamer for Dry Powder Mortar


In architecture industry, many materials are used, such as: gypsum, lime, cement, water glass, dry powder mortar, mortar, concrete, etc.. Now, Rickman is here to discuss the Dry Powder Mortar with all of you.

In construction, dry powder mortar is the main material of the thin layer of the building, which plays the role of bonding, cushioning, protection and decoration. Hence, it’s commonly used in building and decoration. However, during dry powder mortar is used or produced, a large amount of foam is often occurred due to stirring, additives, raw materials, etc. If these foams are not eliminated in time, the overall beauty, quality and process will be affected. Defoamer has great effect in solving the foaming problem of dry powder mortar.

The Hazards of foaming in dry powder mortar:

1. Seriously affected the adhesion of dry powder mortar, resulting in the mortar viscosity is too bad in the process of construction, workers cannot brush at one time.

2. Seriously affects the decorative properties of dry powder mortar, resulting in peeling, powdering, and sanding after construction, which not only slows down the entire work process, but also increases a lot of labor costs.

3. Seriously affect the dry powder mortar liner and protective performance, resulting in building surface roughness, falling off, concave-convex inequality, etc. after the mortar hardening. What’s worse, workers have to repaint, which causes the waste of raw materials as well as the cost of raw materials, labor increase.

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