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Defoamer for Latex Glove Producing


Latex glove is a kind of glove. It is different from ordinary gloves, which made of natural latex with other fine additives. Latex glove has a special surface treatment and is comfortable to wear. It is widely used in industrial and agricultural production, medical treatment, and daily life. However, in the production of latex gloves, a serious problem is often encountered-foam. If these foams are not eliminated in time, they will have a certain impact on production.

一、The reasons of foaming in the production of latex gloves:

1. Other additives added in the production produce chemical reactions, such as wetting agents, dispersants, thickeners, emulsifiers, etc.;

2. Irregular operation during production or gas ingress during high-speed mixing, resulting in foam;

二、The hazards of foam in the production of latex gloves:

1. Foam will affect the progress of production and directly affect the finial products, resulting in product quality that does not meet standards;

2. Affect the appearance of the product and reduce customer trust;

3. Affect the efficiency of production, leading to an increase in production costs

三、Antifoam for latex glove is specially developed for eliminating the foaming problem in latex glove production, it has following performance:

1. It’s made of organic silicon as the main raw material and a variety of active additives.

2. Easy to disperse in water-based system, strong self-emulsification, good defoaming, long foam suppression time abilities.

3. Excellent effects on water-soluble polymers and mid& low viscosity systems.

4. Does not produce fish-eye spots and pin-eyes.

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