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Five types of silicone defoamers


1. Water emulsion defoamer:Polydimethylsiloxane (silicone) as the main body (that is silica composite), reacts with surfactants (emulsifiers), then prepared into O / W type water emulsion defoamers with various concentrations (Suitable for defoaming in aqueous media) or made into high concentration silicon paste. Smearing or used after diluted.

2. Oil system defoamer: Silicone oil is carried by solvent and dispersed into the foaming liquid. Solvent diffusion, then the silicone oil or droplets work as defoamer, or it can be made into a silicone / mineral oil dispersion. Crude oil demulsification and dehydration: When the crude oil occupies a certain proportion, it is obtained in the form of W/O emulsion, this oil cannot be processed without removing most of its water. The petroleum industry requires a large amount of silicone surfactants as demulsifiers.

3. Powder antifoam: Contains 2% ~ 5% mass fraction of silicone defoaming ingredients and 98% ~ 50% powder solid carrier.  

4. Defoaming stick: Made of silicone oil, sodium sulfonate and wax.

5. Self-emulsifying & self-dispersing defoamer: Using silicone which polysiloxane is copolymerized with polyethers as surfactant, then introduce hydrophilic group into polysiloxane molecular chain, to significantly improve the dispersibility of silicone in water and become self-emulsifying. Defoaming above cloud point, suitable for high temperature and high pressure jet dyeing. "Self-emulsifying" defoamer is heat-resistant, stable performance, acid and alkali resistance, good defoaming performance under severe conditions, like high temperature dyeing of polyester fiber, diethanolamine aqueous solution desulfurization system, various oil cutting fluids, antifreeze , etc..


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