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Foaming Problem in Latex Glove Factory Water Treatment


The products of latex factory are gloves, rubber cap, rubber hose and so on, so the pollutants in the wastewater are complex. In addition to various rubbers, it also contains various dyes such as scarlet and rhubarb and various uncrosslinked raw materials. In the molding workshop, demoulding process, elution process, baking process, there are also contains ammonia, hydrochloric acid, clay, calcium carbonate, pigment, etc. In the sewage, COD400-1200mmg/L, chroma20-100 times, SS>1000mmg/L, the water is red, yellow, green, etc., which is unstable with the change of the product, and has a peculiar smell after being left for a little longer, which seriously pollutes the water area. For industrial wastewater like this, it is difficult to meet the emission standards with the current various coagulants, especially the indicators such as COD and pigments still exceed the standards by several to ten times after treatment.

The common water treatment process can not meet the requirements of latex glove factory wastewater treatment, and new and improved processes are usually used. Like, the combination of fast anaerobic digestion, digestion method and coagulation adsorption precipitation method. The process equipment has low investment, low operating cost (about one dollar per ton of wastewater treatment fee), simple, fast operation and high purification rate.

However, foam is a serious and inevitable problem in the treatment process, which will result in many problems and troubles:

1. The composition of wastewater is complex, containing various dyes and raw materials, causing the index content of wastewater to exceed the standard. Hence, various chemicals such as flocculant need to be added. Too much foam affects the input of these chemicals, causing them to float on the foam and not be completely dispersed in the water;

2. Various chemical additives will increase the production of foam, the defoamer can effectively inhibit the formation of foam;

3. Too much foam will affect the decomposition of microorganisms in the sludge;

4. Too much foam will affect the operation of the equipment and the digestion tank ;

5. Too much foam occupies the space of the digester, which greatly reducing the efficiency of anaerobic digestion of the digester

6. In some membrane processes, the foam will also block the treatment membrane, which will seriously cause the equipment to stop working and cause losses to the factory.

An economical and effective method to solve the foam problem is adding DEFOAMER&ANTIFOAM. How to chose the most suitable defoamer and which type of defoamer is more suitable in sewage treatment of latex glove factory? Welcome to contact us for further discussion. Email: rickman09@126.com.

Email: rickman09@126.com

Written from Xiamen Rickman Chemical Technology Co., Ltd




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