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Four methods of testing defoamer


Test the defoamer before using it is important, it can help us to determine whether the product is suitable for our system, as well as to find the most appropriate amount to add.

1. By measuring cylinder:

   The most simple and common method is the measuring cylinder method. Add 50mL of foaming liquid to the 100mL measuring cylinder with plug, then add a certain amount of defoamer, after shaking the bottle up and down for 30 times each time, the foam height and defoaming time are observed standing.

2.  Spraying test:

Spraying bubble fluid to make bubbles, and then add defoamer according to the defoaming time to see the defoaming effect.

3.  Circulating pump test:

    The bubble fluid was placed in a closed loop to circulate, adding antifoam for stirring, and measuring the foam height. This method is to measure the quantitative evaluation of anti-foaming performance under dynamic conditions of agitation, emulsification and shearing. When the solution circulates in the closed loop, the time required to reach a certain foam height is measured to evaluate the anti-foaming efficiency.

4.  By densitometer measuring:

Density of foam mixture is measured by a densitometer, and the difference between the density value and the density of foaming liquid before stirring represents the amount of foaming. The large the density difference is, the higher the air content in the mixture is, the great the foaming power is. The percentage of density difference to the density of foaming liquid before stirring represents the foaming rate. The difference between the foaming amount of the blank pulp and that of the added defoamer is the antifoaming amount, and the defoaming rate of the defoamer is obtained by comparing with that of the blank pulp. 

The above test methods re the generally used, welcome to join us to discuss more interesting knowledge. 

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