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From January to May 2020, the import volume of waste pulp increased by 2.5 times



According to a recent report by the China Paper Associationfrom 2020 to now, there have been nine times of examination and approval for the import of waste paper, totaling 5.68 million tons. The actual import is 2.47 million tons from January to May which has decreased by 44% compared with the previous year. Although the import of waste paper pulp has increased by a large proportion, which has increased by 2.5 times, the total amount is only 720,000 tons, which is still difficult to make up for the reduction in the import of waste paper.



China began to import waste pulp on a large scale in 2018. In that year, the  total import was 300,000 tons of waste pulp, and by 2019, the import volume increased to 920,000 tons.


At present, China's main import of waste pulp has two categories, one is pulp board (including wet pulp, etc.), this kind of products are mainly from Taiwan and southeast Asia countries, which the product water content is high transportation and distance is short. They are mainly dealed by li Wenrong ,sun nine dragons and other large factories in foreign direct plant or production cooperation.



Another kind is drum pulp. It mainly comes from the south Asian countries such as southeast Asia, North America.  This kind of product is similar to the finished paper (often called garbled paper waste paper, etc.). both of them can be used as paper, and  a slurry, which is good for long transport distance, and low water content . However,  this part of the product is class paper,  hence its the customs mainly inspection. Customs duties are often levied on finished paper when entering the customs.

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