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How to prevent slurry overflow in desulfurization tower???


In the previous article, we learned the reasons and hazards of the slurry in the desulfurization tower during the desulfurization process. Hence, it’s important to eliminate the foam. Factories can take the following measures according to your own situation:

1. Increase the diameter of the siphon pipe at the top of the overflow pipe of the absorption tower, and install a flushing pipe. Once overflow occurs, manually open the flushing door to avoid clogging of the overflow pipe;

2. When the equipment is at rest, increase the inclination of the flue and install a flue flushing pipe;

3. Strictly control the make-up water quality of the absorption tower, and strengthen filtration and pretreatment. At the same time, strictly control the content of MgO and SiO2 in the incoming limestone;

4. Strengthen the washing of the demister on the top of the absorption tower, and try to make all the supplementary water in the tower enter through the demister. At the same time, by monitoring the water pressure of the flushing water, the fouling situation of the demister is analyzed in time, once the pressure is reduce, the flushing should be strengthened in time.

5. Strengthen the management of wastewater systems;

6. Formulate the operation precautions for the start and stop of the oxidation extension. When the liquid level is high and the load is high, the liquid level of the absorption tower should be controlled first before the oxidation fan starts and stops;

7. According to the color of gypsum and the amount of ash, increase the cycle of the final dust collector to avoid secondary flying and reduce the amount of dust entering the absorption tower. Pay attention to the operation situation and deal with the failure in time;

8. Adding the defoamer&antifoam from Rickman.

What kind of defoamer should we use in solving the foaming issue in the desulfurization tower during the desulfurization process? Welcome to join us to further discuss.

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