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Is the Foam Good or Bad for Us?


Foam is often accompanied by people’s lives and industrial production. Sometimes we need to use it, such as flotation, fire extinguishing, dust removal, washing, manufacturing foam ceramics and plastics, etc. Sometime, we need to eliminate it especially the factory production, like fermentation, paint, papermaking, printing and dyeing, bloating of internal organs, boiler water, wastewater treatment, and prism (or glass) manufacturing, etc.

The stability of the foam is related to factors such as surface viscosity and elasticity, electrical repulsion, surface film movement, temperature, and evaporation, etc.. Addition, foams are inversely related to the surface tension of the liquid, the smaller the tension, the easier it is to foam.

Defoamer&antifoam places an important role in eliminating foams. When a large amount of foam is generated in the system, the defoamer is added, and its molecules immediately spread on the surface of the foam and spread quickly to form a thin double film layer, which further diffuses, penetrates, and invades in layers, thereby replacing the thin wall of the original foam film.


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