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Paper surface sizing has a knack


1 Influence of paper matrix

The paper quantity is large, then the pickup amount of the adhesive is relatively large,.The tightness is larger, then the pickup amount of the adhesive is relatively small.

In addition, the capillary structure of the paper and the size of fiber pores affect the amount of the paper to pick up the adhesive.

Although the binder has a finishing effect on the rough surface of the paper, it is difficult to achieve the ideal finishing effect for the paper with unsatisfactory surface roughness., even if the binder pickup is improved. Therefore, the uniformity of the paper is the primary condition for surface sizing.


2. Influence of paper sizing

Sizing degree of paper is an important factor affecting the amount of sizing press.

Compared to than the size of the paper, completely non - sizing paper  can  absorb  more 100%  size of the glue ., at the same time, the paper can absorb more water, which  decline  strength, and increase fracture rate.

Once the sizing degree of the paper reaches a certain value, increasing the sizing degree of the paper has no obvious influence on the absorbent solution of the paper.

3. Influence of paper moisture

The amount of moisture in the sizing press paper not only affects the amount of glue picked up, but also the uniformity of moisture in vertical and horizontal direction directly affects the uniformity of glue absorption.

Therefore, the paper moisture entering into the sizing press is a key parameter to be controlled in the production process.

In the production process, its moisture is generally  5~10%, which can obtain the maximum amount of pick up.


4. Influence of paper machine speed

For ordinary sizing press, with the improvement of the speed of paper machine, it is beneficial for paper page to pick up the glue. When the speed of paper machine is from 100m/min to 300m/min, the amount of starch is picked up by paper page  rapidly.

However, after the speed increasing  to 650m/min, there was no significant increase in the amount of starch picked up by paper.

For the metering sizing press, when the rubber supply is unchanged, the paper's time in the pressure zone decreases with the increase of the speed, and the paper's adsorption adhesive material decreases relatively.


5. Influence of sizing press

The horizontal sizing press is higher than the vertical sizing press

The lower pressure zone is beneficial to increase the thickness of liquid film passing through the zone.

The larger diameter and lower hardness of the sizing roller is beneficial to the absorption time of the paper.


6 Influence of sizing agent

In a certain range, increasing the solid content of the adhesive can increase the amount of the paper to the adhesive, and also help to reduce the drying load. And  increasing the solid content will reduce the rheological property of the adhesive.


The viscosity of the adhesive affects the rheological property and film transfer. Low viscosity is conducive to increase the amount of zero pickup. High viscosity is conducive to increase the thickness of the liquid film through the pressure zone.


Cationic starch glue is different from oxidized starch and other anionic or non-ionic modified starch glue. Due to its increased chemical affinity to paper fiber, the penetration rate of starch glue  slows down and more starch is left on the paper surface.


7 From this point, please don’t ignore the foaming probleom in paper surface sizing. The sizing agent itself is also a surfactant, which is mixed with air during operation to produce foam. Hence Find a good polyether defoamer to solve  which is necessory for sizing process.. Like our Defoamer RK-500

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