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Precautions for reactive dye dyeing operation


1. Why is the first requirement of a small amount of cold water slurry, chemical temperature can not be too high?

A small amount of cold water pulping purpose is to make dyestuff easy to fully wet, if dye is directly put into the water, the outer layer of the dye will form gel,  and dye particles are wrapped, which dye particles inside are difficult to wet and melt,.Hence, a small amount of cold water is pulping, and then use hot water to melt.

If the temperature of chemical material is too high, it will cause the hydrolysis of dye and reduce the color fixation rate of dye


2. Why should you feed slowly and evenly?

This is mainly to prevent dye dyeing too fast.If the dye is added quickly at one time, dyeing rate is too fast, which will make the fiber outer layer deep, shallow inside easy to cause color flower or strip flower.


3. Why do you need to dye for a certain time (e.g., 10min) before adding salt?

Salt is a dye-enhancer. When the dye reaches a certain level, it is too saturated to continue dyeing and adding salt in order to break this balance.But before adding salt to promote dyeing, it will take about 1015min for dye to permeate evenly. Otherwise, it is easy to cause striped flowers and colored flowers.


4 .Why do you add salt in batches?

The purpose of adding salt at different times is to promote dyeing evenly, so as not to promote dyeing too fast, resulting in colored flowers.


5.Why should undertake certain time (for example 20 minutes) to fixed color after adding salt?

A : Let the salt dissolve evenly in the cylinder and fully promote dyeing

B: After saturation is reached, then alkali fixation is added to achieve the maximum amount of dyeing


6. Why alkali addition is a solid color?

The addition of salt to reactive dyes only promotes dyeing. The addition of alkali, however, stimulates the activity of reactive dyes and causes the dye to react with the fiber under alkaline conditions (chemical reactions) so that the dye is fixed to the fiber.


7. Why do you add base in batches?

The purpose of fractional addition is to make solid color uniform and prevent colored flowers. One-time addition is easy to cause local residual liquid excessively high concentration and fiber reaction will be accelerated, which it will easily cause chromophore.


8. Why must the steam be turned off before feeding?

A:The purpose of shutting off steam before feeding is to reduce strip difference and prevent color.

B:When the temperature on both sides of the control cylinder rises, dyeing affects if the temperature exceeds 3. If the temperature exceeds 5, there will be a flower, and if the temperature exceeds 10, the machine will be stopped for maintenance

C:Someone has been tested, the cylinder is steam after turning 10 or15 minutes around, the cylinder around the temperature is basically uniform, which is equal to the table temperature.So feeding, regardless of the chlorine boil when adding H202 or dyeing or when the home dye salt soda, should first close the steam before feeding.


9. Why to ensure the heat preservation time after adding alkali?

The heat preservation time should be calculated only after adding alkali and heating up to the process heat preservation temperature. Only according to the process of heat preservation time shear board, quality can be guaranteed. Because the formulation of heat preservation time is based on a certain amount of dye needs how much time to react to determine the laboratory is also this time to make samples.


10. No according to the process of shear plate caused by the quality of instability.

A:Time is not up for color cutting board

B:Early cutting board, filling material is not accurate

C: It is no good to prolong the shearing time

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