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Severe Paper Shortage In Russia


A shortage of paper is threatening the collapse of book publishing in Russia, according to local publishers and media.


In recent months, there has been a shortage of Russian offset paper, resulting in market prices rising by 12-20%.

According to some Russian media, local publishers are suspending the release of new books due in the first half of this year due to a lack of paper.

In addition to book publishers, the increasing shortage of paper is also affecting other Russian industries, particularly the cardboard packaging industry. The situation was further aggravated by the fact that there were many kinds of paper in Russia that could not be produced by themselves.

According to official statistics, 80 percent of the products are imported, including books, offset paper for manual printing, label paper for packaging and cardboard.

So far, the main suppliers of these paper varieties to Russia are China and European countries, and the outbreak of the epidemic has led to a significant reduction in exports

Currently, Russia has 25 percent of the world's forest resources, but the country's paper industry is largely undeveloped.


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