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Surfactants' Influence In Pulp and Paper


The surfactant used as cooking assistant can promote the penetration of cooking liquid to fiber raw materials, enhance the removal of lignin and resin from wood or non-wood, and play the role of dispersing resinThe anionic surfactant used as resin remover includes sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate, sodium polyoxyethylene ether sulfonate, fatty alcohol sulfate, dimethylbenzene sulfonic acid, sodium naphthalene sulfonate, sodium alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether sulfate, etcNonionic surfactants include alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether, fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether, fatty acid polyoxyethylene ester, polyether, etc Nonyl phenolic polyoxyethylene ether is the most effective method to remove resins with non-ionic surfactants. The combination and common use of anionic surfactants and non-ionic surfactants is better, which can not only promote the removal of lignin and resin, but also improve the yield of pulpFor example, good resin removal results were obtained by adding xylene sulfonic acid with mass ratio L: (1-2) and condensation naphthalene sulfonate sodium complex with nonylphenol polyoxyethylene ether.

Surfactant for deinking waste paper

The principle of deinking waste paper is: with the help of surfactant to make the fiber and ink wet, permeate, expand, emulsification, dispersion, foaming, flocculation and capture, washing. The main process methods are as follows

(1) Washing method to highlight the dispersion function.

(2) flotation method: moderately bubbling, then ink capture

(3) The combination of washing method and flotation method

Waste paper deinking chemicals include alkali, sodium silicate, chelating agent, hydrogen peroxide, surfactant, calcium salt and so on,  and the surface activity of vitex is an important roleAs a waste paper deinking agent, the main surfactants are: anionic acid salt, sulfonate, sulfate, phosphate ester salt, sulfonyl succinate ester. Cationic: amine salt, quaternary ammonium salt.Amphoteric: betaine, imidazoline, amino acid salt. Nonionic types: alkoxides, polyol esters, fatty acid alkanes, alkanolamides, alkyl glycosides. What kind of surfactant to choose depends on the printing and deinking process.Therefore, strictly speaking, the waste paper deinking agent is mainly a kind of composite formula of surfactant series.


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