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Textile printing and dyeing defoaming agent


The harm of textile printing and dyeing bubble

1. Waste of raw materials and products

2. The dye reaction period is prolonged

3. Affect the quality of the final product

4. Production capacity is greatly limited

5. Not conducive to accurate measurement

6. It will cause some pollution to the environment


Causes of textile printing and dyeing bubbling

1. The sizing process and the high speed yarn moving process will result in a lot of foam.

2. In the process of pretreatment, when desizing agent is used for product desizing and scouring and scouring agent and detergent is used for bleaching and washing, in order to penetrate into the fabric better and more evenly, high temperature scouring leads to the production of foam.

3. During both medium and high temperature dyeing, mechanical vibrations result in the formation of foam

4. The mixing process and the color paste produce foam during the printing process.


Now do you understand why defoamer is necessory for  textile industry?


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