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The Reasons of Using Defoamer to Eliminate Foam in Oil Field


Every oil miner will have a problem when using oilfield additives, that is, the foam problem. But why are these foams appearing? And how to eliminate them? In fact, the foam is mainly caused by the addition of other additives, raw materials, equipment, stirring, environment, etc. If these foams are not treated in time, will have an impact on the quality of the refined oil, the efficiency of the operation, and the progress. So, it is necessary to use oilfield additives - defoamer.


The application of defoamer in oil field

The harm of foam

1. It will lead to unqualified refined oil

2. It will slow down the work progress and increase the cost

3. When filling, loading, and loading car, the foaming affects the metering and the loading efficiency.


Physical causes of foaming:

1. Strong shock and agitation lead to the formation of foam

2. The pressure of the liquid column in the well is too high, which leads to the formation of foam

3. Improper equipment power leads to the generation of foam


Chemical causes of foaming:

1. The addition of other chemical additives produced a chemical reaction

2. The raw material contains easy foaming substances

3. The water quality is soft


The application of defoamer in oil field

Characteristics of oilfield defoamer:

1. Strong defoaming and antifoaming ability, without affecting the basic properties of the foaming system.

2. High temperature, strong acid and alkali resistance, and strong defoaming and dispersing stability.

3.Good compatibility, does not affect the original performance of products and production and processing technology.


How to choose oilfield additive - defoamer:

As the price of raw materials continues to change, different ingredients correspond to different prices, so it is recommended that consumers must understand your application areas and reasons for foaming before purchasing, choose the appropriate defoamer, so as to make the best use of defoamer. Before purchasing oil field additives defoaming agents, manufacturers should take a small number of samples for testing to confine if they can solve your foam problem, and then purchase to reduce your purchase risk.

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