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The difference between water - based and oil - based defoamer


There are many types of defoamer, which can be roughly divided into two categories: water-based defoamer and oil-based defoamer. The differences are as follows:

一.From the composition, water-based defoamer contains water, oily defoamer contains oil;

二.From the definition, water-based defoamers are formed by emulsifying emulsifiers and other fillers; while oil-based defoamers are not emulsified, they are composed of mineral oil or polyether;

三.In terms of price, the cost of oil-based defoamers is higher, while the cost of water-based defoamers is lower;

四.In terms of the application, the water-based defoamer is more widely used, while the oil-based antifoam is narrower due to the higher price;

五.In terms of the application industry, their application industries are also different.

Because of the higher price of oil-based defoamer, its usage and application range are limited. However, with the continuous improvement of development technology of defoamer, the price of oil-based antifoam will not become a major problem. Hence, choose the most suitable one.

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