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The More Viscous Silicone Defoamer,---Do you think it's good?


Many users will think that the more viscous silicone defoamer is, the higher the concentration of defoamer will be, the better the effect will be. But is it really true?

In fact, there is no relationship between the viscosity and concentration of silicone defoamer. High concentration of silicone defoamer may have low viscosity, while high viscosity silicone defoamer may have a low concentration, Therefore, it is impossible to judge the quality of the silicone defoamer simply from the viscosity, otherwise it is easy to draw a wrong conclusion, result in affecting the use effect. 

According to the analysis of the technical staff, the viscosity of the silicone defoamer is related to the viscosity of the active material itself, the type of thickener, the content of the defoamer and the production process. In the process of using silicone defoamer, it is necessary to select and evaluate according to the specific industry and application environment. Therefore, the thicker the silicone defoamer is, the better the application effect is not necessarily. Too high viscosity may lead to the slower dispersion speed of defoaming agent in foaming system, which ultimately affects the suppression effect.

Besides, in the same way, many masters or directors of dyeing factories pay more attention to the appearance and concentration of dyeing chemicals. Most of them think that the higher the viscosity, the higher the content. In fact, this view is very wrong. The content is not necessarily proportional to the viscosity. Excellent dyeing auxiliaries are made in the direction of low viscosity, no color, and high content.

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