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The reason of reverse osmosis membrane being blocked and presentation:



The reason of reverse osmosis membrane being blocked:


1: The system is equipped with a pretreatment device that is not appropriate for the quality and flow of raw water, or the system is not equipped with the necessary process devices and processes

2: The pretreatment device is not operating normally. It means that  the original pretreatment equipment of the system has a low removal ability to raw water SDI component, turbidness, jelly, etc.Hence the pretreatment effect is not ideal

3: Improper equipment selection or equipment material selection (pump piping and others)

4: Failure of system chemical injection unit (acid flocculation/coagulant inhibitor/dispersant, reductant and others)

5: Failure to take appropriate protective measures after the equipment is in discontinuous operation or the system stop

6:Improper operation and use of equipment by operation management  (recovery, water yield , water concentration, water pressure differencel  cleaning and others)

7: The accumulation of insoluble sediments in the membrane system for a long time

8: The composition of raw water changed greatly or the water source characteristics changed fundamentally

9:A considerable degree of microbial contamination has occurred in reverse osmosis membrane system



The Presentation of fouling and blocking film with different pollutants:

1 Carbonate scale

After scaling: the standard seepage flow rate, or desalination rate decreased

   2 Iron/manganese

Post-contamination: Increased standard differential pressure (mainly in the membrane element at the front of the device) may also cause a decrease in permeability, usually with both manganese and iron present

   3Sulfate scale

In case of deposition, the film element at the end of the system with the highest salt concentration is first affected, which is manifested as a significant increase in the pressure difference between the two segments requiring the use of a special cleaning agent

   4 Silica

   Granular silicon: fouling blocks the flow passage of film elements, resulting in an increase in system pressure difference. The use of 0.4% dichloramine is effective for dissolving seriously polluted silicon scale

   colloidal silica is similar to granular silicon

   Dissolved silicon: silicate precipitation should be used dichloramine cleaning

   5:Suspended matter/organic matter

   If the water supply SDI is greater than 4 or turbidity is greater than 1, the possibility of organic pollution is greater


  Fouling performance: the standard pressure difference increase or the standard water permeability decline can be used to clean non-oxidizing fungicide with alkali

  7 ion germ

  Fouling performance: EDTA sodium salt and alkali can be used to clean the standard differential pressure



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