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The textile and apparel industry evaporates 400 billion a year?


In 2020, affected by the epidemic, industries such as the catering, tourism, and foreign trade are severely setbacks, the clothing industry evaporates 400 billion yuan throughout the year. Almost all leaders and listed companies in the apparel industry predicted a sharp decline or loss in the first half of the year. Squeezed by market demand, the price of front-end raw materials once hit a record low and is still hovering at a low level. 

The upstream of the textile and garment industry chain involves the production of natural fibers (such as cotton, hemp, wool) and chemical fibers;While the middle reaches include spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing; And the downstream includes final products such as clothing, home textiles, and industrial textiles. 

China has the most complete textile and garment industry chain in the world, and has become the global textile and garment manufacturing center. 

At present, the major buyers of the global garment industry are concentrated in the United States, the European Union and Japan.

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