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What do you know about Industrial circulating water treatment?


Circulating water treatment, also known as cooling water treatment, is commonly used in oil fields and power plants, which need a large amount of water. Circulating water system can save water and improve water reuse efficiency.


The main reason for foaming: in the circulating water system:

in order to prevent the breeding of bacteria and scale formation, it is necessary to add fungicide scale inhibitor and other auxiliary agents, which are surface active substances. During the operation of the system, a large amount of air is brought in, and a large amount of foam is easily produced in the stirring operation of the equipment.



1. In the open circulating water treatment, too much foam is easy to overflow the cooling pool, damage the equipment and affect the surrounding environment;

2. Too much foam will affect the operation of the system and water recycling;

3. Foam will affect the addition of fungicides and other additives, which will lead to a large number of microbial breeding in the water and further increase the foam;

4. Excessive foam will also affect the timely discharge of circulating water, resulting in substandard discharged water.


Solution: Adding defoaming agent is the most convenient and quick method, which does not affect the operation of the equipment, but also can reduce and inhibit the formation of foam to the greatest extent

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