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Product details /PRODUCT DISPLAY

product name:Silicone Polyether Defoamer RK-50F

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Application Industry:  Fermentation   Oil Field    Textile     Ink

Product Name:  Antifoam RK-50F


Rk-50F is a kind of defoaming agent specially made for various water-based systems, with excellent dynamic defoaming, anti-foaming effect and long-lasting defoaming ability. It does not interfere with the reaction process and keeps the foam at an acceptable level. Very low addition can achieve the ideal defoaming effect.

Product property:

Long antifoaming performance at low dosage

Good compatibility

Excellent dynamic defoaming and antifoaming performance

Suitable for various foaming systems

Strong acid and alkali resistance

No negative impact on the reaction process 

Main physical and chemical properties:




Milky-white liquid

Viscosity( 25℃)


Solid content


pH value



Application Process:

Can be added directly during the manufacturing process, or used after pre-dispersion of materials.

In general, the dosage is around 10-1000ppm for different temperature and stirring, which can achieve the ideal effect. The pre- experiments are needed to optimize the dosage.

Key Applications

Extraction and evaporation process, refining agent, eucalyptus oil addition

Molasses fermentation and other fermentation processes

Printing pulp, bleaching and dyeing, various fiber oil agents

Other water-based foaming system

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