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Product details /PRODUCT DISPLAY

product name:Silicone Defoamer RK-733

  • Keep dry
  • Safety
  • Non-toxic
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Application Industry:  Dyeing Production  Water Treatment   Cleaning Industrial  Waterproof Coating

Product Name: Antifoam RK-733

RK-733 is based on cross-linked polysiloxane as a defoaming active component, which is prepared by emulsion emulsification of silicon emulsifier and hydrocarbon emulsifier. It has instant defoaming and excellent anti-foaming properties. Widely used in dyeing production and various types of waste water treatment, metal cleaning, waterproof coating and other fields.

Product property:

Excellent instant defoaming ability and long-lasting antifoaming effect

No floating oil and suspended substance after dilution and quickly distribute on the overall surface of the bubble

No toxic

Main physical and chemical properties:




Milky-white liquid



Solid content


pH value



Application Process:

Directly add into foaming system and stir to make it evenly dispersion. Recommend to use  metering pump drip continuously to keep antifoaming persistence

If temperature of foaming system is above 60℃, please add defoamer before 60℃to maximize its effectiveness.

For different effluent system and stirring factors, 10ppm/unit, 10-500ppm can achieve the good result. Small test before using to achieve the best antifoaming effect and appropriate dosage. 


Key Applications:

Dyeing production

General waste water treatment

Cleaning engineering

Carboxylate superplasticizer industries

Waterproof coating

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