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Product details /PRODUCT DISPLAY

product name:Silicone Defoamer RK-783

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Application Industry:    Metal Cutting Liquid

Product Name: Antifoam RK-783


RK-783 uses silicone grease system, with special emulsion system. It provides excellent antifoaming performance and balance, which makes sure compatibility of system, diluted stability and excellent stability of shear. It’s suitable for metal cutting liquid.  Little addition can achieve ideal foam control effect and reduce the negative effect on the final products due to adding lots of defoamer. It  is used in semi- synthetic cutting liquid and emulsion type cutting liquid.


Product property:

Internal added

Very low dosage

Break foam quickly and control foam for long time

Excellent stability of storage and shear


Main physical and chemical properties:




Milky-white liquid

Viscosity (25°C)

100~400mPa ·s

Solid content

30 ± 1%





Application Process:


Can be directly  added  or diluted  in the foaming  system  and need to make sure dispersion.  The diluted emulsion is recommended to be used up in a short  period of time to maintain its optimum  performance. If it’s diluted,  please use it  within  four  hours.

In general, the dosage is around 0.05-0.5% for different temperature and stirring, which can achieve the ideal result. The pre- experiments are needed to optimize the dosage. 

Key Applications

Semi- synthetic or emulsion cutting liquid system

Other circular shear system

Processed in 0.047557 Second.