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Product details /PRODUCT DISPLAY

product name:Silicone Polyether Defoamer RK-653

  • Keep dry
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  • Non-toxic
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Application Industry: Papermaking Industry      Sewage Treatment      PCB Cleaning

Product Name: Antifoam RK-653


RK-653 is a kind of silicone - polyether defoamer. No silica lipids float after dispersion in the system.


Product property:

Good antifoaming at low concentration level

Strong universality, antifoaming and foam control under different aqueous at mid&low temperature

Easily disperse in water

Great performance above 60℃ in papermaking white water


Main physical and chemical properties:




Milky white emulsion



Solid content


pH value


Application Process:

RK-653 could be added directly. The volume of addition is 0.5‰ ~0.6%. According to your specific conditions, optimum volume of addition could be adjusted. A certain concentration of Thickening water for dilution and volume of preservatives need to be added if it’s stored for a  long time. If RK-653 is used immediately, you could add a certain proportion of water which the proportion is not too high, and should use it in time. During the stirring, the speed could not be too fast and mixed well is accepted.


Key Applications

Industrial waste water treatment

PCB cleaning

Foaming of  printing and pulping in textile industries

Starch gelatinization at medium temperature 

Above 60℃ of papermaking white water

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