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Product details /PRODUCT DISPLAY

product name:Mineral Oil Defoamer RK-7013

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Application Industry:  Paper Paint,  Water-based Architectural Paint,  Waterproof paint

Product Name: Antifoam RK-7013


RK-7013 is on the base of metal soap, wax type of mineral oil-based defoamer. It is mainly used in paper paint, emulsion used for the water based architectural paint and paint made by the emulsion, waterproof coating, etc .  


Product property:

Good water-soluble and dispersion, break foam quickly and control foam for long time

Good compatibility, don’t cause surface defect and impact luster

Used in water based system


Main physical and chemical properties:




Amber cloudy liquid



Solid content


pH value



Application Process:

Antifoaming agent consists of hydrophobic liquid and hydrophobic particles. It is recommended that the user should fully stir before using, even if the surface is not stratified; long-term storage may be slightly stratified, evenly mixed and used, without affecting the effect.

The additive amount is 0.2-0.6% of coating weight, added 1.0-1.5‰at pulping process, added 1.0-1.5‰ again at paint correction. The optimum addition should be depended on specific situation. Do not dilute.


Key Applications

Widely used in water based paint system, which on the basis of styrene-acrylic emulsion, silicone-acrylic emulsion, all-acrylic emulsion, acetoacetate emulsion, etc.

Water based architectural paint, paper paint

Waterproof coating

Processed in 0.041052 Second.