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product name:Silicone Defoamer RK-635D

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Application Industry: Pulp Washing Black Liquid, Textile Auxiliaries, Industrial Cleaning, Waste Water Treatment

Product Name: Antifoam RK-635D


RK-635D is a kind of emulsion polyether modified silicone antifoam, it has good acid&alkali, temperature, shear resistance, and stable in pulp washing black liquid system, no gel formation. Good foam control performance can be achieved by small dosage. Widely used in paper pulp production to prevent the foam issue in the production process, textile auxiliaries, textile dyeing, industrial cleaning, waste water treatment, etc.

Product property:

Great alkali, acid, temperature, shear resistance

Great defoaming and antifoaming ability

Good stability in black liquid system and it is suitable for the production condition of pulp mill

Non-toxic and no damage

High concentration, cost-effective

Main physical and chemical properties:




Milky-white liquid



Solid content


pH value



Application Process:

It can be directly dropped into the foaming system by using a drop pump, the recommended dosage is 0.08~0.5kg per ton pulp. Most expected dosage is 0.05~0.3kg per ton pulp (Dry Weight).

Dilute the product to control the actual dosage, water can be easily added into the antifoam emulsion with slow mixing. Please use the diluted solution as soon as possible and the normal storage time should be less than 12 hours.

The adding point should be determined according to the production condition and follow the rules to minimize the antifoam dosage to control the foam.


Key Applications

Pulp washing black liquid 

Waste water treatment

Textile auxiliaries,textile dyeing

Industrial cleaning

Processed in 0.040951 Second.